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Welcome to our blog! Optics of all shapes and colors, optics of different size and purposes – we love it all and we love writing about it! Our product experts at Optics Planet know so much about spotting scopes, telescopes, binoculars and other optical equipment that we asked them to share their knowledge with our friends and customers. The blog seemed like the best way to do it so read on!

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21 Nov

With all the crazy weather we've been experiencing here in the Midwest over the last few years, we often hear about the "Wrath of Mother Nature", but I've got to tell you that, in my opinion, the often overlooked Father Time can be a really mean S.O.B.! As I get older, he has become the "King of Gravity" – causing everything on me to sag in the wrong places. Where I once had hair, now resembles a small mountain, post-apocalyptic barren wasteland and new hair grows mysteriously in other areas where it shouldn't. And then there is my vision. Once …

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13 Nov

To quote David Byrne from the Talking Heads’ Once In A Lifetime:

“Well… how did I get here?”

It amazes me how seemingly small events can change your life further down the road.  I’m married because I hung around with a guy named Warren Hall back in the 70’s.  Warren went to art school in Grand Rapids, Michigan after we graduated high school, and I ended up at the same art school the following year.

After art school, I moved to Chicago to take a position that one of my old roommates from college had vacated.  Because I moved to …

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03 Nov

Another month, another blog for me.  And you guessed it – another excuse to talk about night vision. If you have been following my past blogs you will remember I have blogged about the Armasight Spark and CORE line multiple times. For this month’s blog I am going to focus specifically on one product of the CORE line, the Armasight Spark-X CORE Goggles.

Since the arrival of Gen 1 night vision, people have been trying to make the cheapest generation of night vision more effective. This has led to interesting designs. Zeiss developed a weapon scope (Zeiss Orion 80) with …

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27 Oct

     Earlier this year, my Mom was stuck in a rut of bad luck.  Wanting to snap her out of her ensuing funk, at least for a little bit, I wanted to drive up and take her out for an afternoon at the range and a late lunch after.   She was raised around firearms and isn’t gun-shy in the least so I knew she’d probably enjoy it.  She hadn’t been shooting for a very long time, so after I asked her she was really excited to go.

     Packing the night before for this day at the range was the …

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21 Oct

As any experienced shooter can tell you, protect your eyes and ears or you’ll regret it. From riding a motorcycle to fabricating projects, I’ve experienced enough tiny objects bombarding my eyes to have learned the value in quality eyewear early on in life. While most people are proactive in protecting their eyesight (it is fearfully difficult to imagine life without it) but don't seem to take the same care with their hearing.

We listen to music at the max volume our earbuds can handle, go to movies that immerse us in larger than life sound effects, and attend concerts that …

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08 Oct

You’ve got your night vision and now you need an IR laser and illuminator. While there are many different products that will work, the DBALs are some of the nicest available to the civilian market.

The DBAL is a military grade unit that allows you to use your night vision device helmet mounted. The IR laser lets you target without having to mount your NVD on the firearm. The advantages to this are that you won’t have to point your firearm wherever you want to see, potentially muzzle sweeping people. Wearing the NVD helmet mounted also lets you use any …

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03 Oct

Many of us spend a significant portion of our lives surrounding ourselves with things that bring us happiness. Much of the time, it's our families and friends, but often it includes numerous inanimate objects that we collect. It may be stamps, coins, antique tools, jewelry or any number of other items. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, for me it has been all kinds of knives and vintage watches. I do not want to attempt to define or discuss exactly how much "stuff" we might accumulate because that would just open a whole new can of worms that I …

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12 Sep

When I was in grade school, I took a Pringles potato chip can (and Pringles were brand-spanking new, so that’s how old I am) and filled it with coal and a pack of matches, put the lid back on, and hid it in the cave on my grandparent’s farm.  Pringles were introduced in 1967, so by the time they made their way to Tennessee, let’s call it 1968.  In 1968 I was in second grade, and already stashing away supplies.

I hadn’t given any consideration to food, but I had worked out shelter (the cave) water (stream coming from the …

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04 Sep

When someone tells me they want “affordable” night vision they are usually expecting to see Generation 3 quality at a Gen 1 price point. Many people buy Generation 1 units only to become frustrated and disappointed. No, a $250 night vision device is not going to turn night into day. Generation 3 night vision is capable of this but is also out of the price range of someone who was initially looking into cheaper Gen 1 units.

Traditional Generation 1 night vision gives a much distorted and not very usable picture. Generation 1 gives a sight picture that is like …

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04 Sep

Over the past four years I have probably had no less than two dozen customers ask for a hand held spot light that will illuminate a field out to 1 mile.  They often point out the "million candle power" spot lights that sell for under $50.  While useable in as an illumination tool – without spending significantly more than that – there is no white light that will illuminate out to 1 mile at night.

Enter Laser Genetics.  These guys came on a few years ago with a bang.  For those of you that are not familiar with the technology; …

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