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Welcome to our blog! Optics of all shapes and colors, optics of different size and purposes – we love it all and we love writing about it! Our product experts at Optics Planet know so much about spotting scopes, telescopes, binoculars and other optical equipment that we asked them to share their knowledge with our friends and customers. The blog seemed like the best way to do it so read on!

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01 Jun

Having lived much of my life in Nebraska (yes, a liberal living among the conservative corn-heads) I have to say that I do miss some of its natural wonders -dark skies at night, for one.

When I first moved to Chicago last fall, I decided to step outside to say hello to all my old friends, many of them 4th, 5th and even 6th magnitude stars and then use them to navigate to my favorite binocular Messier objects.

One look at the light-polluted sky above and I cried (really). Many of my favorite star friends were gone and without them, …

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31 May

The boss was feeling in a good mood yesterday and let us out early for Memorial Day. So where does any self-respecting, unattached female in her mature years go when she has a few hours to burn? Why to the nearest mud flat in a local marsh, spotting scope in tow, that’s where.

I hadn’t set up Gus (my Nikon 82mm ED spotting scope) more than a few minutes when the show began. Behind me, a bobolink opened with its R2D2 song, and was quickly joined by the hoarse croaking of a Yellowheaded Blackbird.

Anyway, by the time the show …

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30 May

My weekend almost always involves birding or astronomy, but this weekend I had to catch up on shopping and other chores, so I had to settle for any birds I could see while looking for a dress. Okay, it might seem mission impossible, but I long ago learned that birds show up when you least expect them, even in high traffic areas. Since my purse is full to overflowing with absolute essentials (don’task), I always carry a beautiful Nikon 5x15HG monocular. It’s about the size of my pinkie, but, oh, what fabulous optics. Crystal clear views all the way to …

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28 May

Had another one of those, “How far can I see questions?” today. Always amazes me that people ask that question. What they really should ask is “What can I see?” Yesterday was a good example.

I always keep a spotting scope next to my couch in the living room to search for birds outside my large, glass sliding living room door. Thirty yards away is an ash tree. The bark makes for an interested and varied target when viewed through my Nikon 82mm ED. I was casually scanning the surface of the tree when I noticed an ant. At 25x, …

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27 May


As my first entry, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Joanie and I am the product specialist here at OpticsPlanet.com I originally was hired to do some writing for the website due to my background in writing, but was eventually offered a job here in Chicago. The decision to leave my beautiful Portland, Oregon was difficult (and I still miss Oregon, so), but the opportunity to help others with questions about optics, birding, astronomy and related subjects proved too much to resist.

Adjusting to the pace of life here in Chicago and adapting to a young, …

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