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22 Oct

This. Is. (the) Spartan!

Posted by Michael Croon on

Choosing a universal rail mounted laser sight could be a pain to size up correctly.  Whether it’s seeing if the Viridian C5 or X5L will be sized better for your firearm, a bit of research and knowledge has to go into your purchase considerations.  While researching choices is always a good and necessary choice, a lot of people don’t know where to turn.  The new LaserMax Spartan sight got rid of the guessing.  You get to KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) while still knowing you’re going to get a top notch sight.

LaserMax has come out with tons of awesome laser sights in the past.  Their guide rod lasers are rock solid being mounted internally in the firearm.  They put out a pulsing laser so it’s great for quick follow up shots.  It’s protected from the elements and due to its close proximity to your barrel the relationship between the laser and the POI will always be close.  They are available in red and green for many models but that’s where we run into its major drawback: the fit options.  While it is available for a number of models (almost specifically the more popular pistols), they do not make one that will be a fit for everyone’s firearm.

The easy solution to this would be to go with one of their rail mounted sights.  As long as you have a rail on your pistol you would be able to fit one of their full size Uni-Series or Micro/Genesis series laser sights.  Of course you can buy a different sight for multiple firearms but depending on what you’d be switching between, the full-size Unimax might be too large to fit on your compact or the Micro might be too small for your full size.    

The Spartan gets rid of all of these what ifs and maybes.  It incorporates LaserMax’s new Rail Vise Technology.  The sight, with the Rail Vise positioned all the way in is only 1” long so it will fit on virtually any of your subcompact pistols.  By loosening the sight’s side screws you can adjust the Rail Vise as far out as you need to position correctly for your taste on your compact and full size pistols as well.  Since it will mount on a Weaver/Picatinny mount, you can also mount it on your AR or anything else that you can use a laser sight on.  It has the standard windage and elevation adjustments to get you zeroed in.  The sight comes in both a red and green version.  It’s weather resistant so rain or a humid day shouldn’t damage it.  It has an ambidextrous activation paddle so left or right handed shooters can easily turn it on or off and you are also able to select a pulsing or steady laser beam.  The Spartan is a great little red dot sight and is priced right making it affordable for almost anyone.

It’s that time of year again when we here at OpticsPlanet not only beef up our inventory for the upcoming influx of holiday and hunting season orders but we also beef our personnel and staff.  My department gets to do all sorts of awesome things (including writing these Pulitzer-worthy blogs) but one of the things we got to do over the last few weeks is introduce ourselves to the new classes of customer service employees.  We gave them a brief overview of what we in Product Intelligence do.  It’s a nice way to meet our newbies and give them the info they need to help our customers like you out as well as helping us help them out.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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