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15 Oct

JPoint and Shoot

Posted by matt.sproul on

Depending on how much of a luddite you are, you may or may not have noticed that red dots on pistols is a rapidly growing trend. Whether your firearm is designed from the factory to mount an optic, or you use a mount/adapter plate, semi auto handguns with red dots are becoming more and more common.

The red dot gives you a single plane aiming device, unlike iron sights which require you to align the front and rear (2 plane), so by design a red dot is faster and simpler to acquire. The different reticle sizes favor different applications. Generally larger reticles (8MOA, 13 MOA, etc) are ideal for pistols where you are shooting CQB/competition where speed counts and target transition is vital. The smaller reticles are better suited for precision applications or mid to long range distance applications. Since the slide where these optics are mounted is under considerable force during firing, a quality optic is needed so the entry level price is a couple hundred dollars and the ceiling is 4 or 5 times that (especially if additional mounts/adapters are needed).

If your firearm is manufactured to accept a red dot, then you need to know which units it is compatible with although most firearm models work with several units and there are adapter plates to increase compatibility. Some of the optics use the same mounting hole patterns as well. The Burris Fastfire optics are very well liked and are one of the better options at an entry level price. On the higher end price level you have the Trijicon RMR and the Leupold Delta Point (or now, the Delta Point Pro). You have many options in between from companies like Vortex, Docter, Meopta, EoTech, and JP Enterprises.

It is the optic by JP Enterprises, the JPoint, that I would like to focus on. The JPoint seems to get overlooked as an option and really it shouldn’t be. One of the earlier mini/micro red dots to be offered, the JPoint was designed specifically for pistol applications where significant recoil is experienced due to the optic being mounted on the slide of the firearm. Originally offered in 4MOA or 8MOA, JP now offers a third option which is a Circle Dot Reticle. The reticle has a 65MOA circle with a 1 MOA dot in the center. Sound familiar? It should if you have ever used an EoTech HWS. So if you have ever wanted an EoTech on your pistol but found the size prohibitive, as you should for most semi auto pistols, JP has you covered.

According to JP, “The Circle Dot reticle JPoint offers a larger ring to aid in faster target acquisition than the 4 MOA model while offering a smaller central dot for precision aiming at longer ranges. This ring size corresponds to the height over bore for very close range (point-blank) fire.“

The sight only weighs half an ounce and uses an auto-adjusting light sensor to activate and change brightness. The optic comes with 2 covers which deactivate the optic when installed.

Application is not limited to a pistol. The optic performs just as well on a shotgun or rifle. You can find a JPoint at almost any 3-gun or IPSC competition and on just about every gun in the JP Library. If you were considering a red dot for your pistol or looking for a circle dot reticle in a smaller unit, I recommend checking out the JPoint.

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