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Monthly Archives: August 2015

28 Aug

In one of the last blogs I wrote, I was mentioning selecting an optic for my AR and had pretty set my sights on the Vortex Spitfire.  I’m still set on it, but before I buy it I decided to make my gun look nice first.  I’m good with the iron sights for the time being so the optic isn’t a “must” for me right now.  I’m a traditionalist and can appreciate the visual appeal of the “evil black rifle” but I want to customize it a bit.  If I’m stepping away from my typical Fudd ways which draw me …

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20 Aug

If you were at Shot Show 2015 then you probably saw all the 1-6x scopes for ARs that are coming out. If you didn’t go to SHOT, like me, then you probably heard about all the new 1-6x scopes coming out. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then pay close attention.

A year or two ago, 1-4x scopes were common on ARs and 1-5x or 1-6x was a premium product. Now that 1-6x are becoming more common and available at multiple price points, the 1-8x scopes are a premium product. U.S. Optics has a 1-8 dual …

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13 Aug


Okay, so everyone knows that I'm a wristwatch geek. I love gadgets… period! Many years ago while frequenting all the local gun shows, I started seeing pocket watches and wristwatches pop up on dealers' tables that they had taken in trade for firearms. In fact, the first really cool wristwatch I acquired was from a gun show and the "sickness" began. As a commercial sporting goods manufacturer's rep, I had a gun dealer in the Indianapolis area who had one whole showcase dedicated to wristwatches for sale or trade! Typically, someone would be given or awarded a valuable watch …

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07 Aug

Today, we’re going to talk about some very old optics – but first, a backstory – or actually three backstories.

Backstory number one:

When I was but a wee lad and got to spend the night at my aunt and uncle’s house (Foy and Oscar), there were a couple of things that I really looked forward to.  One was their parakeet, Billy Boy, one was the cherry tree in their back yard where i would eat until sick, and – the biggest thing – getting to sleep in the bedroom of a genuine war hero – my cousin Ernest that …

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