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Monthly Archives: July 2015

31 Jul

This summer has been full of fun trips away from home for me.  So far I’ve logged a fishing trip to Wisconsin, a weekend trip to Indianapolis, a two week trip to Germany and Austria, and most recently a weekend trip with friends near New Buffalo, Michigan.  I decided this year as an unofficial resolution to spend my dollars on experiences and adventures as opposed to acquiring more things.  I’ve enjoyed it so far and have made a lot of new memories that will last a lifetime.  It’s probably for the better anyways since I’m starting to run out of …

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24 Jul

While not usually my first choice, off body carrying does offer some advantages. It is not affected by your wardrobe, allows you to easily carry extra mags/accessories, and is not gun specific like holsters. With AR pistols suddenly available to those of us living in SBR "slave states", off body carry also enables those to be carried much more discretely than a full size rifle. Here are some of my choices for off body carrying.

Vertx EDC Commuter Slim Line Sling Bag 

The bag is 18"x13"x6" which gives you a capacity of 23 liters. It can carry any pistol, from …

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17 Jul

As part of the Product Intelligence Team, in a regular weekly rotation, each member is tasked with contributing two blogs to our OpticsPlanet Blog Network – one for the Binoculars Blog and one for the Optics Blog, and unless you know exactly where to look, they can be very difficult to find when navigating our website. Across the top of our Home Page is a black band that contains the 800 Number, Live Chat and Contact links. In addition, the same area has several other headline links, including the word "Blog"…. but oddly enough ours are not there. In …

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10 Jul

My Dad was one of those people who believed there were two kinds of music – country and western.  Three, maybe, if you count gospel.  Anybody who is a fan of older country music knows that cheatin’ is a recurring theme in many songs, just ahead of drinkin’, pickup trucks and dogs and Mama.  An ideal country song would be something like “My dog done stole my pickup truck, but this beer shore does taste good. And ah love mah dog more than mah cheatin’ wife but I love Mama the best”, or words to that effect.

Hank’s “Your Cheatin' …

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02 Jul

As you may have deduced, I am pro-knife. Knife enthusiasts like myself like to have a blade handy anywhere and everywhere. I put one in my pocket every morning, keep one in my vehicle, and have one in every bag. Recently, I took up kayaking as a recreational exercise. My first thought was “I need a knife to keep in my life jacket”.  If you didn’t know, prolonged exposure to water is not in a knife’s best interest. So I set out to find a knife that would withstand the elements and be ready for any job, any time.

Spyderco was …

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