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Monthly Archives: December 2014

31 Dec

Awhile ago I had a very interesting conversation with a customer. I'll call him Bill (not his actual name).

Bill was a Vietnam Veteran who was a Green Beret. Being a Green Beret, he saw plenty of action and he knew a lot about firearms, optics, and combat. Yet he had no experience with thermal imaging as the technology came out after his time. Bill was in the market for a thermal riflescope, but he did not know anything about them nor had he ever looked through one. Thermal imaging units are very expensive, especially the higher end ones made …

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26 Dec

At the 2014 SHOT Show, ATN announced their newest entry into digital HD day/night riflescopes. The ATN X-Sight is available in 5-18X and 3-12X models with many, many remarkable features. If you follow Steve's Riflescope Blog, you may have seen that he has been using the 5-18X model for a little while and I was just asked to do a product video on it as well, which gave me an opportunity to become a bit more familiar with it. Thanks to the ATN Obsidian Core technology, which is a highly specialized computer that is designed to run a huge group …

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19 Dec

So – Christmas in five days.  I'm not sure when they moved it to December 25th, but it sort of snuck up on me this year.

In between swearing at other drivers and trying to practice goodwill towards my fellow man, I’ve been reminiscing about Christmases of years past.

I have to say that as an adult, Christmas isn’t what it used to be, but what is?  Because my parents were very good about helping others less fortunate, most of my toys got boxed up and given away when it was determined that I had “outgrown” them – like anyone outgrows …

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12 Dec

As someone who fancies myself a “gun guy” and have for a number of years now, it’s almost embarrassing to admit that my first AR purchase was made in the last couple of months.  I’ve accumulated various firearms over the last good decade and a half, but I had never made the leap for an AR.  With fears of them getting banned driving up the prices in the past years, I really couldn’t justify putting the kind of money they were going for into a rifle I would end up just using as a target and “just in case” rifle.  …

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05 Dec

Did anyone buy an AR-15 for Black Friday? I sure did and around here a new rifle means it’s time for a new optic. I decided to give a prismatic red dot sight a try and out of the choices, I had to go Vortex. A prismatic red dot sight is like most red dots, but has a prism inside which reflects the light and can be etched with a reticle. This allows for a more compact design of the optic without sacrificing optical quality. Most are in a 1x or 3x but Burris also offers a 5x prismatic red dot …

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