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Monthly Archives: November 2014

28 Nov

Over the past few years with the various panic buying due to political and other circumstances, the shooter / law enforcement officer / soldier / tactical junky / outdoorsman that you know may seem to already have everything that you could possibly think of for a great gift. There is always something to buy, especially in this industry. What I have here is a list of some excellent gifts that are affordable yet aren’t just a gimmicky toy to be put away and forgotten about later.

Crimson Trace Universal Laser

Crimson Trace has a high quality affordable laser sight that …

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21 Nov

With all the crazy weather we've been experiencing here in the Midwest over the last few years, we often hear about the "Wrath of Mother Nature", but I've got to tell you that, in my opinion, the often overlooked Father Time can be a really mean S.O.B.! As I get older, he has become the "King of Gravity" – causing everything on me to sag in the wrong places. Where I once had hair, now resembles a small mountain, post-apocalyptic barren wasteland and new hair grows mysteriously in other areas where it shouldn't. And then there is my vision. Once …

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13 Nov

To quote David Byrne from the Talking Heads’ Once In A Lifetime:

“Well… how did I get here?”

It amazes me how seemingly small events can change your life further down the road.  I’m married because I hung around with a guy named Warren Hall back in the 70’s.  Warren went to art school in Grand Rapids, Michigan after we graduated high school, and I ended up at the same art school the following year.

After art school, I moved to Chicago to take a position that one of my old roommates from college had vacated.  Because I moved to …

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03 Nov

Another month, another blog for me.  And you guessed it – another excuse to talk about night vision. If you have been following my past blogs you will remember I have blogged about the Armasight Spark and CORE line multiple times. For this month’s blog I am going to focus specifically on one product of the CORE line, the Armasight Spark-X CORE Goggles.

Since the arrival of Gen 1 night vision, people have been trying to make the cheapest generation of night vision more effective. This has led to interesting designs. Zeiss developed a weapon scope (Zeiss Orion 80) with …

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