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Monthly Archives: June 2014

24 Jun

Being a firearms enthusiast, target shooter, and hunter, I was one of those people who always dismissed airsoft guns as being toys for kids, for Europeans who aren’t allowed to own real firearms, and of course, the mall ninjas.

Last weekend I went to my cousin’s graduation party where a group of ten years olds brought their airsoft guns. I didn’t pay them much attention until someone shot me in the back, leaving a nice welt. I was immediately curious – here was a plastic rifle with a folding stock, picatinny rails, and that overall look that scares reporters and …

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20 Jun

Last month I wrote about my startup into the hobby of reloading.  I covered some of the basic, budget friendly, equipment you need to start out.  If you haven’t check out my previous blog, it can be found here.  Since then I have loaded a few hundred rounds of .223/5.56 and learned quite a bit about the equipment. 

The first component that I quickly added was the Lee Pro Auto-Disk measure.  The standard Auto-Disk measure is more suited for a “set and forget configuration”.  The hopper is held down with screws and is not well suited for quick disk changes.   …

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13 Jun

Back before the Ukraine Crisis and the spike in Russian ammo prices, I had been eyeing the Molot Vepr 7.62x54r rifles.  Always wanted an AK style rifle, but I like bigger cartridges, and its fun to shoot cheap costing cartridges.  I was looking for the perfect fit.  AK style, magazine fed, not too heavy, and in the 7.62x54r.  The PSL was an obvious answer.  However, it still didn’t fit that “Russian” itch and I do not want to spend the $2000 + for a Russian Dragunov.  I did however, want that “look”.
After some research, I stumbled onto the Molot …

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05 Jun

Many of us continually review buyer's guides, research new manufacturers and products and dream about the state-of-the-art gear that we want to own. There's always something new and exciting coming out, but we sometimes overlook the simplest, most practical and often the best products that have been around for a long time.

Anyone who has spent time outdoors has at one time or another gotten their feet wet and knows how uncomfortable it can be. How many times have you struggled to put on footwear that was still wet? There's nothing quite like starting out a new day with wet …

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