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Monthly Archives: May 2014

30 May

No, not that old limerick*, I'm talking about Pelican cases.

Last weekend I spent an hour or so looking at home for my copy of Wolf And Iron to loan to my friend Tim here at work.  He’s a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, and I’ve accumulated a fair sized library of the genre over the years. Problem is, all the paperback books are scattered throughout the house.  After rummaging through closets, the basement and numerous bookshelves, I never found it.  I did, however come to a revelation of sorts, one that I would never admit to my wife:

I have …

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19 May

Last month I headed up to the UP for a weekend. I was really excited to go as the last time I was there was in November. Little did I know, the woods still had five feet of snow even though it was fifty degrees and sunny!

Imagine the frustration at waking up very early in the morning, driving six hours only to be stopped at the last 3 miles because of snow in April. Then having to turn around and drive 6 hours back home. I figured I would try again in May; maybe winter would be over then.

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15 May

Reloading has always been a foreign subject to me.  I have generally kept my distance due to the fact that mistakes can have deadly consequences.  Up until about a year ago, I never did much research into the subject, other than the “doom and gloom” stories of reloading mishaps…  Like all hobbies, the more research you do, the more comfortable you become.  As I did my research I found reloading is not as complicated as I initially thought.  As long as you take it slow and check your work, the risk of injury is extremely low. 

Before I purchased a …

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08 May

I think most men at one time or another feel the need and desire to go out and get a 2 wheeled monster.  Whether  they are young and want to have fun, or are in a mid life crisis, They feel a strong urge to go out and spend some hard earned money on a motorcycle.  I’m not different.  For the past 3 years I have been eyeing possible purchases with one fiasco after another ruining it for me.  “Oh well, I’ll get it next season”, was usually my remark.

Well, this year I wasn’t letting it get by me.  …

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02 May


Ever since I can remember, I've owned a knife. As a young boy, I always tried to have a pocket knife with me even though they were forbidden in the big city public elementary school that I attended. In fact, we were periodically directed to form a line in the hall and ordered to turn out our pockets and "shaken down" by the teacher! Still, we often carried our trusty knives and hoped for the best. One of the dumber things I did with my knife was to get hold of a golf ball, cut off the cover, unwrap …

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