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Monthly Archives: April 2014

23 Apr

The Ruger 10/22 rifle will achieve another milestone this year.  2014 marks the 50th anniversary of production.  I marked my own 54th birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Just out of high school, one of my very good friends had the first 10/22 I had seen.  In my family, the Marlin Model 39 was the .22 of choice.  My Dad received an American Rifleman subscription as part of his NRA membership, and while it seems impossible that I could have missed advertisements for the 10/22, most of my attention went to articles on military rifles and ads for the racy …

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16 Apr

As we expand our camping product selection here at OpticsPlanet, we are now carrying water purification equipment. Water purification can be complex with the variety of different products out there. If you need a pocket water filter for your camping trip or are looking to have the ability to purify water in a long term disaster scenario, we sell the equipment you need for both these scenarios and everything in between.

Water purification is not taken as seriously as it should. Water borne diseases are deadly and can account from everything between Cholera to the dreaded brain eating amoeba. It’s …

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08 Apr

The AR15 has always been, and is now more than ever, an extremely popular rifle.  It is the perfect firearm to learn the fundamentals of gun ownership and marksmanship.  With only a few trips to the range, you can quickly become a proficient shooter!  One of less thought of fundamentals, and just as important as the rest, is firearm maintenance.  A poorly maintained firearm can have dangerous consequences; everything from failure of components to failure to fire in situations where lives might depend on the ability of the rifle to put rounds down range.  Fortunately the AR15 is just as …

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03 Apr

In the shooting world you will hear a lot of “Rule of Thumb” guidelines.  Many are fundamental rules and/or skills that every shooter needs to know and follow, i.e., on a bolt gun, mount the scope as low as possible.  However, some have been beat out by newer technology and testing.  This one in particular that I am interested in, is barrel length vs. velocity and energy.

The reason being, I like compact rifles.  I want them to be a short as possible WITHOUT sacrificing their capabilities.  Well, we have all heard, “that if you cut down a barrel you …

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