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Monthly Archives: March 2014

28 Mar

Yes, I want to talk about the K.I.S.S. principle… Keep It Simple, Stupid! Wikipedia says it was started by the U.S. Navy in 1960 and became a common phrase by the 1970's. I'm a true believer in the KISS Principle as it is very easy for all of us to overcomplicate our lives.  We go through many cycles in our lives, and now it seems that I'm back in one of the Simple cycles. I want simple foods, to avoid upseting my delicate system. I relax by watching simple old movies that may have a simple or corny plots and often …

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20 Mar

It’s officially spring, even though it was snowing this morning here in Chicagoland.

According to people who understand math, the vernal equinox occurred Thursday at 11:57pm CDT.  So, as I was sliding down my driveway this morning with a garbage can and a recycling container, my thoughts were not about what a long, bitter winter this has been, but about spring, and my upcoming vacation.

On vacation, my wife and I head to the Great State Of Tennessee, where I hone and perfect the art of sloth, and my wife tries to get me to go for long walks, improve …

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11 Mar

The MIL-STD-1913 rail or picatinny rail has become fairly common over the past decade. What started off as a mounting system for military rifles has now become standard on everything from civilian sporting rifles, handguns, hunting rifles, battle mugs, and even airsoft guns. Rails that are pretty close to picatinny specifications are even found on Nerf guns.

Image from Hasbro:

The picatinny rail was originally developed as a way to mount scopes and optics to military rifles. The design was so successful it has led to the picatinny rails being used to mount bipods, lasers, lights, and other accessories on …

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07 Mar

The past year has seen an unprecedented number of sales for AR15 style rifles.  There is good deal of new shooters out there and ten times as many accessories.   If you have a new AR, a great way to increase your accuracy and enjoyment is with some kind of optic.  One of the great things about an AR is its adaptability.  You can easily start with a gun designed for close quarters/home defense (short barrel and collapsible stock), switch out a few parts and a new optic, and you have a gun designed for long range shooting.  It is important …

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