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Monthly Archives: January 2014

29 Jan

It has been a busy two weeks for the Product Intelligence department at OpticsPlanet.  It started with a week in Vegas for SHOT Show and ended with a week of working the OpticsPlanet booth at the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show (COSS).  Eighteen of twenty days, and much of them 10-12 hour days; I have to think back to my service in the US Army for the last time I worked that much.

I am still digesting what I saw at SHOT Show.  I did not have much time to think about SHOT because we were thrown back into the fray …

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14 Jan

Today, we are blessed, and quite possibly cursed as well, with the huge selection of products available to us. We also seem to have a fair amount of disposable income that tends to burn a hole in our pockets. We often are so anxious to make an improvement or add an accessory that, we sometimes don't fully research or understand what we purchase and why we think we need the item. Admit it, we've all done it! Sometimes our purchase exceeds or expectations and other times it doesn't. Sometimes we have a preconception of how the product would or should …

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06 Jan

I win – this is the first OpticsBlog of 2014, so – Happy New Year.

Not only that, but we are coming very close to the one-year anniversary of the Product Intelligence Team taking over the OpticsBlog from Jne (February 8, for those of you who would like to send anniversary cards or gifts of cash and/or liquor to my attention).

Some of you may live in a more God-forsaken place than Chicago in the winter, but eighteen below zero with a forty-three below zero wind chill gives me the right to say it is damn cold outside.  I found …

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