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Monthly Archives: November 2013

26 Nov

One of the coolest parts about using night vision is the ability to use IR lasers. Operating in the IR spectrum, these are lasers that are invisible to the eye and cannot be seen without a night vision device.

You can see that IR falls outside of the visible spectrum, making it invisible to the human eye.

Since the eyes cannot detect IR lasers, certain classes of IR lasers can be dangerous. The laser could be damaging your eye and since there is no visible beam you wouldn’t notice until the damage has been done.

Because of this, the government …

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21 Nov

This weekend Tim and I will be heading up to his cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for some deer hunting and night time target shooting; great way to spend the weekend…

As you can probably tell from my pervious blog posts, I have a deep appreciation for night vision.  My drill sergeant use to say, “We own the night”.  I didn’t fully understand what he meant by that until I got my hands on my first PVS-14.  The abilities of a quality Generation 3 NVD is humbling to say the least.  It pulls back the black curtain that …

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18 Nov

Every family has their pastimes, traditions, and stories.  In these we often find something, some object that carries many stories or family history with it.  My family, like many, has a plethora of them.  Many of which tied to the outdoors and the greatest of memories.

My father served two tours in Vietnam.  He was a member of 5th Group in the Army Special Forces.  On his last leave home he went into Johnson Sporting Goods in Des Plaines Illinois.  He wanted a good knife to take with him on his deployment.  Jerry, a good friend and worker there, opened …

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08 Nov


We visit retail stores, study specifications, read reviews, pour over “How-To” guides and sometimes test fire a new rifle before we consider purchasing it. Often this process can take many months. Then we repeat the whole thing again to decide on the perfect scope that will be the perfect fit for the rifle and the type of shooting we will do. After all this, with no research or thought at all, I can’t begin to tell you how many sportsmen just simply purchase the first (and sometimes the cheapest) mounting system they find! So now you have a spanking, …

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