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Monthly Archives: October 2013

31 Oct

Well, technically, I wasn’t standing; I was more like prone in my own field.

I have just returned from the Great State of Tennessee, where I held the 28th annual reunion of my buddies from high school and college.  I am the current owner of the family farm, located halfway between Nashville and Knoxville, and that is where we all converge.

I’ll spare you the details of the trip from Chicago to Tennessee, except to say that the Silver Dollar in Louisville has the best manager/bartender you are likely to find anywhere, and I’m not just saying that because she …

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22 Oct

So you’re ready to break into your piggy bank or you have decided to empty the savings account before your bank requires a bail in. You want to invest in some quality gear and have decided you want the ability to see in the dark. After some quick searching on our website, you discover that you have enough to purchase either a night vision unit or thermal unit but you cannot justify spending almost $10,000 on both.

The above scenario is a common problem for many of our customers and some of our employees. There are multiple factors to take …

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15 Oct

My first experience with thermal imaging technology came while I was serving in the US Army.  A few members of my platoon had just gotten back from the range where they had been training with the FGM-148 Javelin.  For those not familiar with the Javelin, it is man-portable antitank missile.  There are essentially two components that make up the system; the launch tube assembly and the command launch unit or CLU, also pronounced as “clue”.  The CLU is a thermal imager and is the sight of the weapon system.  It is used to target and fire the Javelin.  It can …

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11 Oct

If you’re into flashlights, you’re familiar with the “lumen war”.  There are so many companies striving to have the highest lumen flashlights (lumens=brightness rating). 200-300-400-1000+ lumens!  In all honestly, what does that even mean?!  I’ve been camping and hunting my whole life and have never had a need for 1000 lumens for practical applications.  I have a 200 lumen handheld light that can do anything and it cost $60.  However, because of my background in camping, I’ve long been a fan of headlamps over handhelds for many situations.

Having both hands free is a VERY nice feature to have.  The …

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02 Oct

Living in the big city makes it difficult for the avid shooter to get in any regular practice. We need to go to a public range or wait for one of those rare occasions to be able to shoot casually on someone’s property out in the boonies to do some serious plinking. To scratch the itch, many sportsmen have turned to airguns to be able to keep sharp and have some fun as well. At normal airgun distances, usually beginning at 10 meters, we can set up a nice little indoor or outdoor range at home for many hours of …

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