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Monthly Archives: September 2013

23 Sep

We get enough questions about the dot size in red dot sights that this week, we’re going to – well, focus on the subject.  Everything you have ever wanted to know about that little red (or green, or blue) dot.

Way back in the olden days, before I was fortunate enough to be hired here at Optics Planet, I took my hard-earned money down to Indianapolis to the always exciting Indy 1500 Gun Show and purchased an EOTech 512 after reading every magazine article I could get my hands on that concerned reflex and holographic sights.  That was a frightening …

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18 Sep

Trail cameras were first created to see animals in their natural habitat. Wildlife photographers were able to view wildlife undisturbed by a human photographer. The first trail cameras were used in the 1880’s and activated by a trip line. When an animal walked through the trip line the camera would take a picture without the photographer being there. Sounds like a simple idea today, but at the time it was revolutionary. This was the birth of the trail camera.

As technology progressed, there are now trail cameras that are activated by motion sensors. Some even record high definition video for …

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13 Sep

Last week I went on my annual backpacking/camping trip up to the Wisconsin north woods with my brother and two good buddies Brandon and John.  It’s always a good time and gives us a chance to unplug from reality. 

It’s also a great time to try out and test new equipment.  This year I was planning to bring along an OPMOD 8x42mm binocular, but ended up with the 10x42mm because the 8x was out on loan.  I also brought along our OPMOD PVS-14, OPMOD Fixed Blade Knife, FLIR HS324 Command, a few SOG machetes, and a Gerber machete.

Right off …

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04 Sep

Fall is rapidly approaching.  We can hold on to the thoughts of a few warm days left.  Even the weatherman saying we have a 90 degree coming up this weekend.  However, the reality is fall is coming, and so is hunting season.  If you haven't started gearing up, better start soon!

Its good practice to pull out your gear and give it a once and twice over to make sure everything is in tip top shape.  Even beyond that, its a perfect time to look at what you might want to upgrade.  Technology in our industry changes year to year …

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