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Monthly Archives: August 2013

29 Aug


Many years ago, as a young college student, I had decided to become a professional photographer… well actually a photojournalist. Soon, my goal was to get on board with a major metropolitan newspaper and either cover sports or news as a "staffer". Well, as it turned out, I never got a job as a professional photographer, but my first job out of school was inside cameras as a bench technician for an old, established Chicago based repair center (photo below: International Camera Corp. – Est. 1949, previously at 844 W Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois). But, I'll save details of that part of …

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19 Aug

I like to look through our website and see what is new and/or innovative in the world of optics.  With all the stuff in the optics categories, I never feel the need to blog about, oh – let’s say a wrench on an Optics Blog, but I digress.

I was looking for stuff I didn’t know I needed and came across this handy combination of technologies, which is much more exciting than a wrench and actually is an optic, to boot – the Wildgame Innovations Cell 5 Cellular Trail Camera.

Who would need something like this?  I have some land …

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16 Aug

In the shooting world, we developed favorites.  We find a scope, rifle, ammunition, holster, etc, that we just love and we never want to give them up.  Well, the same happened for me and my shooting glasses.  I bought my Oakley Gascan sunglasses about 3.5 years ago and have never looked back.  They work for me flawlessly and are trusted so I've been an Oakley guy for a while.

Little background…

Their lenses can take a beating because they are made of a material called Plutonite.  Rated to take a 12 gauge blast at about 20 feet.  Granted the rest …

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15 Aug

One of the more common items that I receive questions on is the Red Dot sight.  The questions range from "what are they and how do I use them", to "how do they work".  With this post I hope to answer most of those questions and much more. 

Purpose: Why a red dot?

The purpose of a red dot sight is to achieve quick target acquisition without sacrificing accuracy and limiting your field of view.  With traditional iron sights, the shooter must have their eye, rear sight, front sight, and target aligned on the same sight axis.  They must continuously …

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02 Aug

I can remember, not too many years ago, when I could read tiny print and do all sorts of very close, detailed work, without the aid of prescription eyeglasses. Well those days have long passed and whether I choose to admit it or not, I’m getting older! Now, I wear lineless bifocals all the time, and often they just aren’t strong enough for some of the projects I tackle. In fact, I always carry a small folding magnifier in my pocket for scrutiny of anything that requires a closer look.

I have always been a tinkerer and fairly good at …

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