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Monthly Archives: May 2013

31 May

A couple of weeks ago, I was going through the 200+ satellite channels I have, desperately looking for something of interest among the infomercials, reruns and reality shows.  I managed to catch a few minutes of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (James Bond from 1969).  It brought back fond memories of seeing it in the theater with my older brother, and I got a kick out of seeing the Minox camera.


I was thinking about how the Minox was shorthand for “spy” in movies and television for decades when a commercial came on.  I stabbed at the remote again, …

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24 May

This past week I was lucky enough to represent Optics Planet in the 2013 Nikon Spot On Championship just outside of Dallas.  The venue was the Tac Pro Shooting Center.  The 550 acre Shooting Center facilities include a gun store specializing in products for tactical professionals, Law Enforcement and competition shooters, classrooms with covered firing point, restrooms and refreshment machines, outdoor pistol, tactical shotgun and Subgun ranges, with paper and reactive steel targets. The Center also can accommodate shooting up to 1000-yard rifle,  as well as a sporting clay layout.  This was a two day shooting competition with approximately forty, three …

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17 May

Bushnell 1-4x24mm Throw Down PCL mounted on a Rock River AR with a Burris PEPR 30mm mount.  All torqued down to specification and ready to go.

This was a fun shoot in that I was trying out not only a new scope but a new build as well.  So there is always that excitement in the very first round down the pipe.  Complete virgin build, every spring, detent, and screw.  Needless to say, first shot went off perfectly.  As always, I stick to Winchester Ammunition.  Never have had an issue and it’s always my go to.  Had 62 gr., 55 …

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09 May

Okay, I know this is an Optics Blog, but this is about a product from an optics company, so in my opinion, I can talk about it. After all, we all know that "B.L.O.G." stands for "Bullsh_t, Lies, and Other Gossip", so here we go. Many years ago, and for many years, I was an avid golfer. I've always enjoyed the game but have never been really good, but at my best I had a handicap very close (but not quite) to single digits. As a young kid growing up on the West Side of Chicago, I would frequently take …

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01 May

True story: Our next-door neighbors, the Jarretts, had the first color television I had ever seen.  I want to say it was 1965-1966, because it was in the summer between morning kindergarten and first grade.  At that time, I was a morning person, I guess.  I would get out of the house as early as possible, and head next door to play with the twin boys that were a couple of years older than me, in the large lot between our houses.

One morning in particular, I knocked on their door, Mrs. Jarrett let me in and I headed straight to their …

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