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Monthly Archives: April 2013

26 Apr

A few months ago I decided I need a change.  I began to notice that my Colt M4 Carbine had been gaining some weight lately.  It was starting to feel more and more like the M4 with M203 I was issued while in the Army.  It thought this was odd because the only thing I was feed it was 5.56mm…  All kidding aside, the gun was getting surprisingly heavy.  At one point I have a Knights Armament hand guard, Harris bipod, Surefire XM07 light, LMT crane stock, and a Trijicon TA01NSN.  This was a great setup, but it was heavy.  …

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19 Apr

Alright guys, here is a preliminary review, more will follow, and some pictures of the new PCL from Bushnell.

Starting it off, the Throw Down PCL is a new optic in the AR Optics series from Bushnell that has more features than you would ever think to find in a scope at this price point.  30mm tube with about 60’’ of internal travel at 100 yards, roughly 60 ‘shooters’ MOA of travel, Illuminated reticle with 11 positions on the rheostat, Bushnell’s new BTR-1 reticle, First Focal Plane reticle, fully multicoated optics, folding power control lever, .1 mil click adjustments, roughly …

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12 Apr

Through an unfortunate result of taking turns with these blog posts, my friend Chase was able to talk about his experiences at EOTech before me. While my lawyer addresses the issue of Chase posting my likeness without permission or compensation, I'll add to Chase's recollection of our trip.

It's a bit of a drive from Chicago to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and we met up with our rep Tom in Indiana to ride together so we could spend some guy-time during the drive over. After a delicious lunch of fish and chips at a competitor in Portage, Indiana (the ONLY thing …

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08 Apr

Since Optics Planet is a large, well respected retailer, we often get the opportunity to see new products as soon as they come out of the prototype shop.  Well that is the case with the new STEINER NightHunter Xtreme Rifle Scopes. These scopes just arrived from the IWA Outdoor Classics Show in Nurnberg, Germany. This show is Europe’s version of our S.H.O.T. Show where all of the latest new gear is introduced. So, the samples shown here are the only ones in North America at this time and for the immediately foreseeable future. Initially, there are four models in the …

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