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Monthly Archives: February 2013

22 Feb

Seems like year after year prices are going up. A Remington 700 BDL 30-06 is costing $650+, decent scope and mounts can run you anywhere from $300-$2000+. Mounts can be $40-$100, and we can’t forget the $35-$65 a box of 20 for ammunition. It’s no secret that shooting is expensive, but there are still those sweet setups that won’t break the bank

My friend Lou picked up a Ruger 10/22 recently. He wanted a different look so he went with the digital camo pattern. Not really my taste, but the finish was done very well, retail around $299.

So now …

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15 Feb

We’re all gadget freaks here. You’ll hear from everyone in my department how cool it is to handle and use the latest gear for a myriad of activities. We thoroughly enjoy visually (and sometimes physically) dissecting a new product – some good and some not so good. One of the other “perks” of this job is that occasionally we get to go out and really use this stuff and later write reviews on them. Well recently, Steven L. (our boss), gave me a golden opportunity for a rare adventure!

Late in 2012, OpticsPlanet partnered with Weaver Optics and announced our …

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08 Feb

Working here, I occasionally kind of get into kind of a habit.  We’re surrounded by all sorts of cool stuff, and most of the conversation here is related to questions we’re asked in e-mails and on forums.  Our department has a lending library of equipment for our use, and we’re pretty good about stocking it with decent equipment.

The habit is, that I routinely lose my sense of just how lucky we all are to have so many choices, and just take for granted how sophisticated these products have become.  Out of a four-man team in our department, one of …

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