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23 Jan

Pistol scope or iron sights?

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Bill and I have taken up target shooting as an activity and, even in the heart of a north woods winter, we manage to get to the shooting range when the weather allows. Shooting really is a terrific activity for a couple.
For me, shooting rifles and, especially handguns, is old hat. For Bill, this is all new, so I get to teach and he gets to buy the guns and all the gun accessories. Hey, we make a great team!
One of the first surprises I got as a teacher was just how hard it can be for a beginner like Bill to shoot iron sights. I’ve been shooting “iron” all my life, but Bill hasn’t, so I decided to mount red dot sights (scopes) on a couple of our favorite pistols and it has improved his shooting, considerably. Then, when I found a used 1x handgun scope at a local gun shop, I replaced one of the red dot scopes with it. No magnification, either way, which makes for an easy to steady rig and, of course, no front and rear sights to line up, either. I may trade the 1x scope out for one with magnification, later, such as Bushnell Elite 2-6×32, once Bill is ready to handle the magnification.
Still, I just can’t bring myself to go pistol scope or red dot scope on some of our pistols. One of the big reasons I love to shoot handguns and pistols, in the first place, is for their balance, point ability and lack of size and weight, but that all pretty much goes out the window when you add a scope to a pistol. Just isn’t the same gun, anymore, as far as I am concerned. I know you can put a red dot scope or pistol scope on almost any pistol, but, in my opinion, it seems almost criminal to do so on some pistols, such as our Ruger SR1911 in the pic, above. This Ruger (terrific gun, by the way) will stay just as is, thank-you very much.

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