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27 Jan

Beauty in astronomy

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to be sure, but I’ve yet to meet someone that has not been impressed with the beauty of some of the objects I show them in myastronomy binoculars and telescopes. Whether it’s an alien moon landscape, an immense nebula of gas and dust or a glittering open cluster of stars, I always get plenty of oohs and ahs from my guests.
This sort of thing convinces me all the more that people go to all the trouble to choose the right telescope for aesthetic reasons as much as they do out of scientific curiosity for what’s out there in the universe. To be sure, a lot of my own observing is a bit esoteric in that I sometimes get lured into the hunt to find nearly impossible to see objects that often appear as little more than faint specks or smudges in thetelescope eyepiece, but even those objects are beautiful when you consider what they actually are.
All this is my way of saying that if you have been thinking about trying your hand at astronomy and you are not especially technical by nature, not to fear. Don’t let a little techno mumbo jumbo about telescopes and telescope accessories stop you. Spectacular beauty is only as far away as the night sky in your own backyard.

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