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17 Jan

Cloudy nights and telescopes

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Been itching to set up & use a telescope or, at least my astronomy binoculars, but the clouds seemed to have made a permanent home over the house for the last couple weeks. Guess the binoculars and telescopes will have to wait. Wishing for clear night skies and more time behind the telescope eyepiece won’t make the clouds disappear, I know, but even a half hour peek at the stars would do my heart good. This is actually typical weather for January, up here in the north country or so I have been told. In fact, some of the locals have been complaining about lack of snowfall, so maybe I should be grateful for what few clear nights I’ve had this last month. Snow is serious stiff, up here – this is snowmobile and ski country – so I don’t want to complain too loudly.
As an astronomer, this makes clear nights and dark skies all the more precious to me. I may not get as much observing time as astronomers in drier climates, but I’ll bet I appreciate what I do get all the more. In the meantime, my binoculars and telescopes are waiting by the door, ready to go. I think I’ll go check on them, again, just to be sure.

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