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Monthly Archives: June 2010

30 Jun

I was out in the raspberry patch in our backyard, yesterday afternoon, picking raspberries for our dinner and happy to report we ate well, last night. Nothing like fresh raspberries, right from your own garden. On the other hand, the recent wet weather, followed by a stretch of dry weather has been perfect to raise, not just raspberries, but also mosquitoes. It took only about three minutes in the raspberry patch to retreat and return with some mosquito repellent.

Now five or ten minutes, picking raspberries in a horde of mosquitoes is doable if you are doused by repellent, but…

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29 Jun

The Fourth is coming and a lot of folks will want to try their hand at taking digital pics of fireworks displays. I’ve used film cameras for many years to shoot fireworks and it’s really quite simple, but what about digital cameras? Sure, it’s easy to use digital cameras for fireworks, even point and shoot digital cameras. Best of all, it’s so easy easy anyone can do it, assuming you have a a digital camera with the right “mode” and even if you don’t, you can still use manual setting to get what you want. Not sure? Just check you …

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28 Jun

Took a few minutes, last night, to step outside to enjoy the moon. No, I didn’t use my astronomy binoculars or my telescopes; I just enjoyed the view, au natural, without looking through a binocular or a telescope eyepiece. Is it any winder the moon has been the subject of so much poetry and romantic prose? Just proves that we can still fall under that age old spell of our big satellite.

I know that anyone who reads this blog must think that I am obsessed with equipment and I do confess that I enjoy working with cameras, binoculars, spotting …

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25 Jun

You might think it is a little early to be thinking about fall bird migration, but if you love birding and birdwatching for shorebirds – sandpipers, plovers and the like – you know better. Those migrants leave their nesting grounds, up north, early and start to show up in July. By the end of July, you can have quite a good list of shorebirds you have seen. Of course, as always, it may take some scouting to find a marsh or lake with exposed mud flats, but once find the right location, you have a birding goldmine. Now is definitely…

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24 Jun

If it ever stops raining, I will pull out one of the telescopes and do some astronomy. The moon is not too favorable, right now, for some deep-sky work, but I’ll take the next clear night to some astronomy, anyway. It’s been too long since I’ve looked though a telescope eyepiece. Ouch!

I have to take some of the blame, though. I keep using the excuse that I might as well wait till I get up north to our new home and do some “real” astronomy under a truly dark sky. Big mistake. Any sky is better than no sky.…

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23 Jun

I’m sure I’m not the first photographer to discover that carrying a lot of gear is a real pain in the neck and that one way to solve that hassle is by using a bicycle equipped with a rack and bags. Even if you have to walk a bike in a crowd, that a bike still makes a nice carrier on wheels for all those cameras, both film and digital cameras, plus camera lenses and camera accessories. You can even strap a tripod to the rear rack on a bike if you need bring a tripod.

You can still have…

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22 Jun

When I think about it, it has been quite a long time since I enjoyed my astronomy with binoculars or telescopes from a truly dark site. In fact, it has been over then years. Given my love of astronomy, that seems, well, a bit shocking. How did I ever let life detour me like that? The answer, of course, is that I sacrificed some things for the sake of job or family; in that respect, I am no different than most and, in my own defense, I never stopped using my astronomy binoculars or telescopes, even when I lived in…

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21 Jun

When we buy a telescope or buy a binocular or any other optical instrument, we try, of course, to go about it logically and rationally. We balance features, cost and some personal preferences to find the best telescope or the best binocular for us. Now, then, if we were totally logical creatures, buying telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and so on would be a rather easy task; we could just go down the list of features and check the ones we wanted.

However, spending a sometimes large amount of money for a telescope, binocular, spotting scope or other optic is also…

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18 Jun

Bought another old film camera, yesterday to add to my growing collection of film and digital cameras and, of course, lenses. This one is a Nikon FE2 (handsome devil, eh?) and it will make a nice addition to my slightly older Nikon FE and, of course, my baby, my Nikon F3HP. That should be all the Nikon SLR film cameras I need, for a bit, though it’s hard to pass up one of these great cameras when the prices are so low. As for lenses and camera accessories, well, a camera crazy gal like me can never have enough camera …

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17 Jun

Crescent moon, tonight, so maybe time to get out the astronomy binoculars or the telescope and have a good look. I like observing under a crescent moon; the moon, itself, makes a very dramatic image in this phase and, yet, the moon is still not so bright as to preclude some observing for deep-sky objects. You really get the best of both worlds under a crescent moon, assuming you do observe the moon with binoculars or telescopes. You really should, since the moon is a great target for any binocular or telescope.

The biggest factor, tonight, though, may be the…

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