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09 Jul

Portable telescopes

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Had a fairly decent night under the stars, Saturday night. I like observing on Saturday nights, this time of year, since summer observing means keeping late hours and I get to sleep in late on Sunday morning (though I never do).

Had a neighbor stop by to see what I was doing, so gave him a look at Jupiter in my Kowa 663 spotting scope set at 60x. Now, I’m not about to claim this is a great choice for planetary observing, but it was just handy (I keep it set up in my living room) and I didn’t feel like setting up a big scope just for a short observing session. A better choice in a small telescope, though, would have been a Televue Tv-76 and, of course, it would also look great in my living room, especially perched on the Televue walnut Panoramic tripod.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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