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04 Jul

Pentax cameras

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Where has summer gone? Can’t believe it is the 4th, already. So much I haven’t done yet – so many more flowers to photograph, so many more birds to see, so many more miles to ride on the bicycle, so many more summer nights to enjoy under the stars. Just don’t want it to end, I guess.

My little Pentax Optio A10 camera is still holding up well after two years of hard use, though. As long as it keeps delivering, I will resist the temptation to upgrade to a newer model. I’ve managed to work around some of its shortcomings, such as the darn near impossible to see LCD screen in bright sunlight, the sometimes hesitant auto focus when shooting macro and the so-so cycle time. Might pull out its replacement, the Pentax Optio A30 to see what I’m missing or I might take a look at a Canon G7. One of the guys here at work swears by his.

In the meantime, my little Pentax Optio camera stays in my purse, ready to do its thing. Smile! Say cheese!

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