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18 Jul

Digital versus film

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I was one of the last holdouts for film cameras when the digital age swept in and I defended film gallantly, if I do say so, myself. So why am I an ordinary, garden variety digital camera user, these days? Why am I using a Pentax Optio A10 digital camera, instead of my old beloved Contax SLRs?

I guess it’s a matter of format. In the old days, I was primarily concerned with enlargements and making prints to hang on the wall. Photo quality was everything – no junk was going to hang on my walls or get framed. If this was still my goal, believe me, I would still be shooting film. Film is still the way to go if you are doing this type of photography and have the time, money and experience to get it done.

My goals are different these days and, besides, I don’t have room in the apartment to hang more pictures. More importantly, I don’t have the time or money to pursue that type of photography, anymore. Don’t get me wrong – I take as many pics as ever – but it’s typically when I am doing other activities. Moreover, I am a computer user (not entirely by choice) and, as such, digital just makes more sense. I store my digital pics on my computer, I view my pics on my computer, I edit pics on my computer, I email pics on my computer and use digital pics as desktop backgrounds on my computer. I suspect I am like most digital camera owners, in this respect. Sure, I could have slides and prints scanned and turned into digital pics, but why go to that expense and hassle?

Of course, that could all change if I move to a larger apartment or get a house.

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