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11 Jul

Celestron 44000 series microscopes

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We recently received some of the new Celestron microscopes in the 44000 series and I’ve had a chance to examine several models. Overall, my first impression has been positive. These appear to be well made (all metal) microscopes of reasonable quality and appropriate features for the price and the supplied manual is a cut above the usual generic pamphlet. I would rate them as being “young student” grade, in the Celestron 44100 and Celestron 44102, to middle and high school level grade in the Celestron 44014 (excellent buy with all the basic features for serious use) and Celestron 44106 , to college level grade in the and Celestron 44108 and, finally, to the professional grade model in the Celestron 44110. In other words, Celestron has covered just about every level of bright field microscope in their new line of microscopes.

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