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10 Jul


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“Can binoviewers be used on a reflector?” is a question I receive, now and then. The short answer is, no. Problem is, reflectors have focusers which do not have enough travel to allow accessories such as a binoviewer to come into focus. Yes, using two eyes does provide more comfort, but if you want to use a binoviewer, you will need to use a different telescope design, such as a refractor or a Schmidt-Cassegrain. In fact, Televue makes a refractor designed specifically for their TV binoviewer in their TV-102i, which is a shorter version of the standard TV-102. The Televue TV-102i compensates for the automatic 2x doubling of magnification produced by a binoviewer. Take a TV-102i, add a bino viewer and two Televue Panoptic 24mm eyepieces and you have the ultimate 36x daytime observation telescope. If they don’t have one of these in heaven (assuming I make it, there), I don’t want to go.

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