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Monthly Archives: March 2007

30 Mar

I bought the Garmin E-Trex GPS yesterday and, so far, I have been pleased. It is as simple and uncomplicated to use as I expected. I’ve only stored two waypoints, so far, but it has already provided me with some insights. For instance, I have learned that I only live 5.3 miles from work, as the crow flies. However, I am not a crow, so I must follow the streets, like every other human in this area. Still, given that distance, it is a little disconcerting to spend nearly 40 minutes getting home through the traffic, as happened last night. …

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28 Mar

One of the things I so love about birding is its simplicity. Yes, I know some think of it as a techno geeky detail oriented activity (definitely a myth), but as far as equipment goes, it remains relatively uncluttered. Get a binocular and a bird guide and go. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy it either. Sure, the hard core (myself included) constantly drool over the premium and very expensive optics, but truth be known, even a basic binocular will get the job done. For those thinking of giving it all a try, read my article on …

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27 Mar

Because of my non-existent sense of direction, I’ve decided it’s time to get a GPS. After all, anyone who routinely schedules an extra half an hour of time for getting lost on a trip to her local grocery store, should have a GPS. Sure, a guy would be better, but they tend to get mad at me for being so consistently making wrong turns. At least a GPS won’t yell at me.

Also, anyone who is easily frustrated by complex computer menus should get the simplest model possible. All I really need is something that tells me in the simplest …

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26 Mar

I’ve been out (and down) for awhile, but with the recent fabulous arrival of spring, I am now bursting with energy and more than ready to get outdoors. This last weekend, for instance, I spent a lot of hours and put a lot of miles in on my road bike. I have yet to master the art of riding a bike and looking through a binocular simultaneously and I have also spent enough time on a bike to know that is not a skill to pursue.

On the other hand, I have used my mountain bike for birding in the …

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06 Mar

I came down with a sinus type infection over the weekend, so had to cancel my weekly nature walk in one of our local forest preserves. These Sunday outings have become such a part of my routine that I feel a bit lost and disoriented when I miss one. So, to avoid that loss of center, I did the next best thing – I had the birds come to me.

Early on Sunday morning, I broadcast a bucket of black oil sunflower seeds on the patio, just outside my walkout window, then quickly retreated to the warmth of living room …

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