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Monthly Archives: February 2007

27 Feb

With spring just around the corner, I have been getting more questions on spotting scopes from birders, shooters, nature lovers and horizon watchers. This is an annual event, but this year I’ve written some articles and added them to our website to help the beginner navigate through the basics. Of course, I am still available to anser questions, but should you awake at midnight with a burning desire to know more about spotting scopes, here’s some help. Please wait until morning to call me, though, but do call if you have quaestions.

For the basics on spotting scopes, see our …

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14 Feb

No boyfriend equals no flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, despite my best efforts to give my heart away this year, so today, I pulled up some flowers pics I took last spring and summer with my Pentax Optio A10 (now the Optio A20) and surrounded myself with beauty. Nothing like a touch of green and color to brighten up the day during a snowstorm. I can almost smell the flowers and each one brings to mind a favorite place along the bike or forest preserve trail. All were wildflowers and all were free for the taking – pictures, that …

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12 Feb

I’m not sure if the groundhog actually saw its shadow, but if recent weather is any indication, it not only saw his shadow, it had a coronary. Yes, it has been cold and snowy.

So why I am I thinking of spring birding? Maybe it’s because Sandhill Cranes have been sighted in Nebraska or that it gets lighter out every morning when I come to work. Then, too, maybe it’s the announcement of new Kowa spotting scopes. It’s no secret that I am a Kowa owner, so the new Kowa TSN-770 and the even larger Kowa TSN-880 were sure to …

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02 Feb

I don’t know if Marmota monax saw its shadow today, but if the Groundhog was smart, it would stay down in its hole and stay warm and cozy. Sure, there was a day when we appreciated the long term weather forecast, but now we have the folks at the Weather Channel to make predictions for us. Has anyone bothered to tell the Groundhog, this? What if it was doing this frigid chore out of a sense of duty or tradition?

For those humans who insist on watching for our rodent friends, I might remind them that they can stay warm …

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