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16 Nov

How to buy a telescope

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It’s that time of year! You might think I’m referring to Thanksgiving and a holiday feast or, perhaps, Christmas trees or holiday music. Yes, all of that, to be sure, but around here, the holidays mean “telescopes”. We sell more telescope in the months of November and December than all the rest of the year put together. That’s a lot of telescopes!

Most of the questions I get about telescopes this time of year are the real basic stuff. What do the numbers mean? What is a reflector? What is a refractor? What can I see? For those folks, I added some articles to our website. The first is an article to read before you buy a telescope, How to choose the right telescope. This telescope article explains all the basics and is written with the beginner in mind. The second article is to be read before you take your new telescope out under the stars. Telescope FAQs, explains the basics of using a telescope, regardless of brand or type.

Some of the questions I get, though, are a bit off the wall and I sometimes wonder if they are for real. Can I see space junk on the moon? What do you recommend for seeing aliens? What’s the best telescope to use at 1000x? When is Mars going to crash into the Earth? What kind of telescopes did the Mayans use? I am working on an article to answer these questions, but I confess, it probably won’t be ready for this holiday season.

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