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Monthly Archives: July 2006

27 Jul

I recently got a chance to examine the new Nikon Prostaff 16-48×65 spotting scope. Since this new scope is regarded as a replacement for the Nikon Sky&Earth spotting scope, I pulled a Nikon 15-45×60 Sky&Earth model we still had on the shelf and placed it side by side with the Prostaff.

So, is the Nikon Prostaff just a repackaged Nikon Sky&Earth or is it a new design with some real differences? Let’s face it, Nikon tends to change numbers and models for nothing more than a change in the color of the box.

After playing with the scopes this afternoon, …

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26 Jul

“OpticsPlanet is now a proud sponsor of Astronomical League. Composed of over two hundred and forty local amateur astronomical societies across the United States, the Astronomical League is one of the largest amateur astronomical organizations in the United States. OpticsPlanet is expanding our support of astronomical community and increasing our astronomical telescopes product lines.”

This is the opening paragraph explains it all, but for me personally, it warms my heart to see us joining this prestigious group. Goof job, OpticsPlanet.…

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21 Jul

I was out under the stars the other night and having a blast with my Kowa 663 fitted with the Kowa 20x wide angle eyepiece. I asked myself what I was losing by not using a 20x binocular, instead. Conventional wisdom says a 20x binocular will have a much wider field of view than a 20x spotting scope, so I checked the specs.

My Kowa with the 20x eyepiece has a 3.3 degree field for 173 feet at 1000 yards. A Celestron 20x Skymaster binocular has a 3.2 degree field for 168 feet at 1000 yards. An Oberwerk 20x80LWD had …

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20 Jul

I admit it; I am a compact binocular fan, so when I heard we were adding Brunton to our line of binoculars, I was naturally eager to give the Brunton Epoch 10×25. It’s priced like a Swarovski and Leica, but would it perform like those ultimate compacts?

Optically I had no complaints. Edge definition was very good as was resolution. Image brightness and contrast were a bit behind the Leica and Swarovski and the published eye relief of 15mm was more like 13mm in actual use. Okay, I could live with that.

What I could not live with was the …

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13 Jul

I was recently sent a Carson 8×42 XM HD binocular for review and testing. The new HD represents Carson’s finest and their first viable entry into a very competitive price point. Unseating the king of the $300 roofs, the Nikon Monarch 8×42, would be no easy task, so I was curious as to how the Carson HD would compare.

The Carson HD, like the Monarch, is made in China. There are those, of course, who will hesitate at a product made in China, but these days, almost everything at this price is made there. Furthermore, this is not necessarily a …

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05 Jul

We are now a proud sponsor of the Steiner Birding Store. Steiner, long known for providing binoculars for the military and for hunting, has been making great strides in providing binoculars suitable for serious birding. I have field tested and used the Steiner Peregrine 10×42 and can recommend it in this regard. Recently, I put the compact Steiner Wildlife 8.5×26 through its paces and was favorably impressed. This model is an excellent option for those who prefer to travel light (myself included).…

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03 Jul

We’ve moved! We are now up and taking orders in our new, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art facility and it is a beauty. Everything is spacious, new and high tech, right down to the last wire. Wow! For the first time in my career here, I have more room than I need and so does everyone else. It’s quite a nice change and it will allow us to keep expanding for years to come. My special thanks to our IT and Warehouse teams for their 24/7 efforts to get us up and running so quickly.…

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