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Monthly Archives: May 2006

29 May

On the surface, it would appear that a digital binocular is a good choice for long range photography. On top of it all, you typically get an 8x binocular with it. Problem is, the digital camera on this kind of product is relatively low quality as is the binocular. For someone who just shoots for fun and wants the convenience of two instruments in one package, they will work.

They will not work as well as even an average digital point and shoot camera, however. Even a modest digital point and shoot such as the Pentax Optio E10 will have …

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24 May

For about five years, I have been using an old HP, plastic 2 MP digital point and shoot camera. It was my first digital and was given to me as a gift. At the time, I was a diehard, 35mm fan, but slowly became addicted to the practical side of digital photography.

Last fall, though, my old HP began to show signs of age. On a fall trip to photograph waterfalls, it began to act strangely. I did get some nice pics, but lost a lot of opportunities as well. So last week, I took the plunge and bought a …

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22 May

This weekend, I was involved in two events to celebrate and educate people on the need to protect habitat for our many species of migratory birds, both here and in other parts of their range. The event is called International Migratory Bird Day.

The first event was at a local, suburban lake and I represented in a booth with scores of other local birding related businesses. I set up a few spotting scopes and showed people some of the birds up and down the breadth of the lake, but most of the fun centered around two very occupied and …

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12 May

I’m back after a long absence due to some minor surgery and a few complications, but when I arrived earlier this week, I was delighted to find a lot of new products for me to play with(oops, evalute).

One of these is the new Nikon 50mm Fieldscope. Now, I am a big Fieldscope fan and own and use the big Nikon 82mm Fieldscope with the Nikon 25-75x eyepiece, so I was eager to see this new “baby” Fieldscope.

Baby it is is. It’s tiny! But it, well, wasn’t quite what I expected. This new Fieldscope does not appear to be …

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