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Monthly Archives: March 2006

24 Mar

We had a very informative and exciting meeting with ATN, one of the world leaders in the sale of night vision products. In the future, OpticsPlanet will be working even more closely with this giant to bring more of their products to our customers. I am very impressed with the move by ATN to stamp each and every one of their night vision products with accurate information as to the generation and tube quality where applicable. In a market known at times for somewhat questionable labeling practices, this is a refreshing move towards integrity.…

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22 Mar

These are busy days here at Sometime in the next month or so we will be moving into our new, much larger faciltiy in Northbrook, Il. This new facility will allow us to expand and improve our service and our inventory. Right now, we nearly have to look over boxes to see each other and getting from one office to another is akin to running an obstacle course. About the only thing I will miss is my window and my birds that frequent the airport across the expressway. I hope Clancy, the Red-tailed hawk makes it up to Northbrook …

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17 Mar

Spring is here, or almost, anyway, so it’s time to dust off the spotting scope and get out to watch the early spring migration of waterfowl. Having done this for over thirty years (not going to say how much over thirty years), here’s a tip for beginners on using a spotting scope all day.

To reduce eye fatigue and strain, keep both eyes open! This is easier said than done when looking through a scope, but with practice, it becomes second nature. Squinting one eye closed produces strain on the closed eye but not the open eye and leaves you …

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15 Mar

When it was anounced here at OpticsPlanet that we would be carrying a line of flashlights, I have to admit I was underwhelmed. How could you get excited about flashlights?

Little did I know how popular our line of Streamlight products would be with police departments, the military and security organizations. The Streamlight products I have found most interesting are the Streamlight M3 and the Streamlight M6. Both slide onto a standard picatinny (1913 military) rail or a Glock style handgun rail. The M3 is just a flashlight, but the M6 is a combination of flashlight and laser sight. They …

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08 Mar

The gap in image quality between an inexpensive binocular and an excellent binocular is there to see, even to an untrained eye, but compared to the quality gap between a cheap spotting scope and an expensive spotting scope … well, let’s just say we are talking the Grand Canyon, now. To put it simply, the optical challenge escalates quickly as magnification goes up. It’s a whole different game at 60x than it is at 8x.

Most spotting scopes produce reasonable image quality at low magnifications, even some of the least expensive. Turn the zoom ring up, though. and you learn …

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03 Mar

Now is the best time ever to buy the Meade ETX-90 PE with UHTC coatings. We can’t advertise any special price, but we’ll make it easier for anyone thinking about an ETX-90 to upgrade to the best version currently offered.

Why upgrade to the ETX-90 PE? The ETX-90 PE makes telescope alignment quicker and easier. With the ETX-90 PE, there is no need to point your scope north, no need to level the telescope, no need to set the time as with the AT. Your ETX-90 PE does all this for you.

In addition, the ETX-90 PE uses a sophisticated …

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