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Monthly Archives: September 2005

30 Sep

A customer showed me the latest Canon point and shoot digital camera from Canon today. He had just purchased it from a local Best Buys since we don’t carry it and he needed something in a hurry. It’s an Elph and I believe a 550, though I may have that number wrong. One thing I don’t have wrong, though, is the 7+ MP, the 3x optical and extra large LCD screen. Great little camera (and it is tiny) from what little I saw of it. He paid $449 and was eager to use it on an upcoming Bighorn Sheep hunt …

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28 Sep

“As the weather turns” would be a good title for a soap opera, but at the moment I am talking about the cold front that is currently moving through our area. This will bring our first taste of really cool fall weather in the next couple of days, so “adios” to summer of 05′.

I get serious about fall when I see my first Junco. That’s usually sometime in October at these latitudes, so I won’t have long to wait now for them or other sparrow species. My biggest fear, however, is that I sit here pecking away at the …

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27 Sep

It’s probably time I upgrade my old 2MP digital point and shoot for some fall color action. I need something purse size with at least a 3x optical zoom, 4MP and at least a 2 inch LCD screen for these tired old eyes.

Looks like that should be no problem. Just about everyone makes such a camera these days. I’ve been thinking along the lines of the Pentax Optio WP for its waterproof feature or the Canon Powershot S60, just because it is a Canon. Both have the lens quality and pixels to handle enlargements.

I’ll try to post some …

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23 Sep

Got a peek at a new high end digital point and shoot camera yesterday and fell in love with it. I can’t reveal the manufacturer, so let’s just say it is a name that will make any camera lover drool.

I am constantly amazed how digital point and shoot cameras continue to squeeze more and more performance into ever smaller packages. This little gem will have 8+ MP, a 2.5″ LCD screen, all metal body, a fabulous 3x optical zoom lens and more modes than an apple tree has apples.

With fall colors coming soon to a forest near you, …

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22 Sep

We just had a vicious storm push through here while I was on the phone talking to a customer. We had to halt our conversation temporarily due to the noise of the hail on the roof. When I hung up a bit later, I looked outside to see downed power lines across the street. A few minutes later we saw smoke on the ground which quickly erupted into flames.

Makes for an interesting way to end the work day here at Nothing like going out in a blaze of glory. .…

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20 Sep

Have been seeing a Kestrel hunting across the street at the airport. Very considerate of him (it is a male) to show up everyday while I’m eating my lunch outside. I always salute the little guys, because they are one of my favorite birds. So if you are driving behind me and see me slow down and salute when there seems to be no one present, you won’t think I am crazy. Okay, make that as crazy as I appear to be.…

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19 Sep

As a product specialist, one product area that is a real headache is digiscoping. These days everyone has a digital camera (point and shoot), so how hard can it be to attach it to a spotting scope? Should be simple, right?

Wrong! The number of spotting scopes made that have digital camera adapters available could be counted with the fingers on one hand. I can’t blame the manufacturers, however, since digiscoping is an application for which these cameras were never intended. To make things even more complicated, there is no standardization in these little cameras as to filter size or …

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15 Sep

I get besieged daily with requests for “a really good spotting scope”, so when I mention the usual Kowa, Leica, Swarovski, Zeiss, or Nikon Fieldscope, the conversation moves right along until I mention price. That is usually followed by a moment of silence and then “What do you have under $200?”

I have nothing against spotting scopes under $200, but the “really good” needs to be kept in perspective. If “really good” is defined as images as sharp at 60x as at 20x, we go back to the Kowa, Leica, Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss again. On the other hand, if …

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14 Sep

One sure sign of fall here at is an increase in questions about riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes. Judging by the questions I have been receiving lately, fall is definitely here. By the time the big push in this line of products is over, we will be right in the middle of our holiday season and that will mean telescopes, cameras and, as always, more binoculars. By the way, my favorite customers are the ones that shop early!…

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12 Sep

Since most of my marshes have dried up around here and the shorebird migration is in the final stages, I decided to do the smart thing and go looking for Warblers.

The dry weather also seems to be having its effect here as well. Did get four species after a two hour walk, but thta’s a long way from the usual action I’ve come to expect from this area. Of course, when you can walk through the woods for two hours without a single bug bite, you should not expect insectivorous birds to be ganging up on you. Just hate …

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