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Welcome to our blog! Optics of all shapes and colors, optics of different size and purposes – we love it all and we love writing about it! Our product experts at Optics Planet know so much about spotting scopes, telescopes, binoculars and other optical equipment that we asked them to share their knowledge with our friends and customers. The blog seemed like the best way to do it so read on!

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21 May

If you are looking to get a trail camera, a quick search will leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are many different models from different manufactures, different options/configurations, mount styles, and accessories. I always wanted a trail camera yet every time I began to research them I would find conflicting opinions on the quality and what manufacture made the best one. As I subscribe to the “buy once, cry once” mentality I would find myself frustrated from the lack of being able to determine the “Colt 6920” of trail cameras.

I was given the opportunity to test the Wildgame Innovations Elite …

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15 May

Well, my long awaited return to Spring Wild Turkey hunting has come and gone. It's truly amazing what we have forgotten which does not benefit by the passing of 15 or 20 years! As I mentioned earlier, I made every attempt to prepare buy relacing worn out gear and not forget anything… especially since I was turkey hunting somewhere I had never hunted before.

First, I decided to get my gun set-up since it would possibly require a bit more time and effort. My Remington 11-87 Special Purpose 12 gauge mag. is a slightly older one without any of the …

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07 May

I’m going to jump the gun a bit here, and talk about a new product that we will be carrying shortly, the Garmin nüviCam™ LMTHD.

One typically wouldn’t think of a GPS unit as an optic, but the fine folks at Garmin have combined a couple of different product categories with their new nüviCam™ LMTHD – the categories of dash camera and GPS unit.

Why I’m interested:

I had the unfortunate experience a couple of weeks ago of saying goodbye to a trusted friend of 10 years – Erik the Silver, my 2005 Volvo V50.  Either I drove over an …

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30 Apr

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to head down to Indianapolis for one of my best friend’s 30th birthday party.  As I love a road trip, warmer weather (it was 15 degrees warmer there than at home that weekend), and spending time with my friends it was a no-brainer to go.  Rounding that 30 year old corner means that chances like this are becoming fewer and farther in between for everyone to get together so you have to jump at the chance when you get it.  We had a group of about 12 or so of old and …

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24 Apr

If you’ve read any of our blogs here, you are familiar with red dot sights. They are a fairly simple optic that are extremely versatile and one can be found to accommodate just about any budget. They are excellent on AR platforms, especially with night vision or combined with a magnifier, but can also go on shotguns, pistols, and almost any .22 platform. We’ve covered all the majors; Vortex, EoTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon, Burris, etc. But I’m always a fan of the not so mainstream and while normally we think of Armasight as mainstream, I am willing to bet many didn’t know …

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13 Apr

Have you considered being a treasure hunter? Metal detecting allows you to discover hidden metals under the ground. The origins of metal detecting are military in nature, the technology was used to discover unexploded bombs in the ground after WWI. Today metal detecting can be a great hobby. As with everything quality and functionality varies with price. A cheap metal detector would be ok for finding metal items under a thin layer of sand at the beach. A higher end metal detector will be more expensive but will allow for better distinguishing between metal types and also be able to …

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09 Apr


Although there may be may aspects of hunting that we find enjoyable, for me it has largely been the thrill of the hunt. Those of us who have used calls to lure various game know how cool it can be to have a "conversation" with your prey. It's so cool to hear the game you are hunting and to begin calling them closer into your location. Whether it's birds or four-legged game, when they begin to respond and are attracted to your calling attempts, you're doing something right.

After a number of years that I did not hunt at …

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30 Mar

When I first moved to Chicago 30 years ago, my friends Tim and Kathy would come up from our shared hole-in-the-cornfield hometown in Indiana to visit me at my rockin’ third floor walk up bachelor pad near Wrigley Field.  One of the things I really enjoyed was the question they always asked me upon arrival.

Kathy would jump out, ring my doorbell (this was pre-cellphone) and I would jump in the car with Tim and we would circle the block until a parking spot opened up.  Then we would all go up to my aforementioned bachelor pad, and the question …

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27 Mar

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I will be making a return to Germany and Austria this summer.  I do apologize if the subject is getting tired but for being away for two weeks and 4,510 miles (not in km mode, yet) from home, a lot of planning goes into the trip.  Luckily we sell a lot of things I’ll need so I won't need to get up from my desk to do a lot of my shopping.  Not until lunch, at least.

Daydreaming, I like to imagine my return kind of like an Ancient Roman triumph.  Think of Julius …

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20 Mar

Night vision can be complex and overwhelming. Between the various specs to compare and the intimidating price, it can make selecting the right product for your application a bit daunting. So we like to provide as much perspective and insight as we can to simplify the process. A hot topic right now in night vision is digital night vision.

Digital night vision essentially uses a camera and an image sensor that is sensitive to infrared light. Traditional night vision uses an image intensifier tube, which uses an electron plate to multiply the light photons and create a visible image. Two …

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