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Welcome to our blog! Optics of all shapes and colors, optics of different size and purposes – we love it all and we love writing about it! Our product experts at Optics Planet know so much about spotting scopes, telescopes, binoculars and other optical equipment that we asked them to share their knowledge with our friends and customers. The blog seemed like the best way to do it so read on!

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24 Jul

While not usually my first choice, off body carrying does offer some advantages. It is not affected by your wardrobe, allows you to easily carry extra mags/accessories, and is not gun specific like holsters. With AR pistols suddenly available to those of us living in SBR "slave states", off body carry also enables those to be carried much more discretely than a full size rifle. Here are some of my choices for off body carrying.

Vertx EDC Commuter Slim Line Sling Bag 

The bag is 18"x13"x6" which gives you a capacity of 23 liters. It can carry any pistol, from …

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17 Jul

As part of the Product Intelligence Team, in a regular weekly rotation, each member is tasked with contributing two blogs to our OpticsPlanet Blog Network – one for the Binoculars Blog and one for the Optics Blog, and unless you know exactly where to look, they can be very difficult to find when navigating our website. Across the top of our Home Page is a black band that contains the OpticsPlanet.com 800 Number, Live Chat and Contact links. In addition, the same area has several other headline links, including the word "Blog"…. but oddly enough ours are not there. In …

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10 Jul

My Dad was one of those people who believed there were two kinds of music – country and western.  Three, maybe, if you count gospel.  Anybody who is a fan of older country music knows that cheatin’ is a recurring theme in many songs, just ahead of drinkin’, pickup trucks and dogs and Mama.  An ideal country song would be something like “My dog done stole my pickup truck, but this beer shore does taste good. And ah love mah dog more than mah cheatin’ wife but I love Mama the best”, or words to that effect.

Hank’s “Your Cheatin' …

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02 Jul

As you may have deduced, I am pro-knife. Knife enthusiasts like myself like to have a blade handy anywhere and everywhere. I put one in my pocket every morning, keep one in my vehicle, and have one in every bag. Recently, I took up kayaking as a recreational exercise. My first thought was “I need a knife to keep in my life jacket”.  If you didn’t know, prolonged exposure to water is not in a knife’s best interest. So I set out to find a knife that would withstand the elements and be ready for any job, any time.

Spyderco was …

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25 Jun

Fiber optics sights have recently grown in popularity for use on all types of firearms. These sights have been around for quite a long time and they offer a reasonably priced alternative to many of the factory sights that may be difficlt to see in certain lighting conditions. My first experience with fiber optic sights were on an old Ithaca 37 Deerslayer Riotgun. At that time I was shooting a lot of 2 and 3 gun matches, so one Thursday I stopped at one of the local "cop shops" and found this police trade-in Ithaca with a cracked stock and …

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19 Jun

It’s (unocifically for two more days) summertime, finally.  I’m not what most people would call "skinny" so I’m more comfortable outside in a little bit cooler weather.  I think extremely handsome, tough to break, and hearty are better adjectives to describe myself.  Fall and spring are my two favorite seasons.  I still spend a lot of my time outside during the summer, it’s just not my preferred weather.  I read an article this morning that this year is supposed to be the earth’s warmest on record (not in the earth's history, just since we've been keeping track).  Judging by the …

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10 Jun

In the spring, a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of – bratwurst.

As regular readers of this blog have noticed, I tend to take the path of least resistance.  I let people in front of me in traffic.  I prefer a screw top bottle over a cork.  I don’t always make the bed, because I’ll be back in it in the evening.  If I just leave the satellite on Spike TV, it doesn’t matter where the remote is, Cops will be on soon.

And this is how I have come to cooking dinner on our camping stove for the …

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05 Jun

I will be the first to admit that I am not the neatest person.  I keep things safe, secure, and in order that matter like my outdoor gear and previous years' taxes.  If it wasn’t for having to clean the house and car every now and then to impress women, I would be knee high in clothes and whatever else it is that I’m too lazy to put away.  What I lack for in neatness, I make up for tenfold in a neurotic need to plan ahead. 

I just found out about a month ago that my family will be …

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29 May

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I am a huge Trijicon fan. They make high quality, innovative products that are built to last. Over the weekend I got some trigger time behind an ACOG and couldn’t get enough of it.

 Like everything Trijicon makes, it is a joy to use. So it is no surprise that I have a set of Trijicon Night Sights, specifically the Bright and Tough series. They are arguably some of the best sights. I like them more than my Meprolight sight to be perfectly honest. But for my latest pistol, a Glock 17C, I …

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21 May

If you are looking to get a trail camera, a quick search will leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are many different models from different manufactures, different options/configurations, mount styles, and accessories. I always wanted a trail camera yet every time I began to research them I would find conflicting opinions on the quality and what manufacture made the best one. As I subscribe to the “buy once, cry once” mentality I would find myself frustrated from the lack of being able to determine the “Colt 6920” of trail cameras.

I was given the opportunity to test the Wildgame Innovations Elite …

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